Monday, August 23, 2010


In a nutshell, here is what we have been up to lately....
Emma starts preschool a week from tomorrow. This is VERY bittersweet for me but I know that she will love it. If I can get past the first week I think it will be okay. Thankfully she is a social butterfly and enjoys meeting new little people. She is going to First United Methodist Church in Temple on Tues & Thurs mornings from 9-12. That's right, just six total hours per week yet I feel like my heart is being yanked out! It will be an adjustment to our routine for sure. Fortunately we are able to carpool with another Cameron family which should work out really well. We have "meet the teacher" this Thurs evening and I hope I can hold it together there. We ordered a purple matching back pack and lunchbox from Pottery Barn. She was soooo excited when they came in the mail:

Jarrod started back to school today. He has a new classroom this year but unfortunately the A/C is broken so he is in an alternate location today :( He has jury duty this afternoon ~ don't they know this isn't a good time of year to add that to his plate?!? He has a full schedule this year and is teaching world geography and history research methods.
With two successful scrimmages behind them the Yoemen eagerly anticipate their first "real" game this week! They play the Connally Cadets on Friday and it couldn't get here soon enough for Coach Smith :) The Padilla poll was recently released and ranks Cameron #2 in the state for 2A! We are looking forward to an exciting (long) season!
Yoe field has a brand new scoreboard and the new concession stand/restrooms should be complete by the first home game next week!

I can't believe Emma made it to age 3 1/2 without any dress up clothes!! After a trip to the Disney outlet store we solved that problem :) She went to see the musical 'Beauty and the Beast' last month and looks forward to 'Disney Princesses on Ice' in late November. Here she is dressed as "Belle"....

She has also named this doll "Isabella".....which is the name of one of the characters on her favorite TV show, 'Phineas and Ferb'. Isabella takes naps, changes clothes at least once a day and plays with her toys.


  1. Love it all, well maybe not the a/c thing.
    We should do Disney on Ice together. I can't wait to take Adelaide.

  2. Soooooo cute! They are getting so big! Hope she does well at school(or better yet I hope you do well) :)