Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Two weeks old!

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Before you were born I set you apart... -Jeremiah 1:5

Today Owen is two weeks old! He brings us more happiness each new day. Tomorrow is his check up and I'm eager to see what he weighs! We still haven't gotten out and about very much, just as precaution to cold/flu season. We have been blessed beyond measure with the meals and goodies friends and family have brought by. It's so nice to have one less thing to worry about!

Owen already has more control of his head/neck muscles. He has started to exercise his lungs but is still not as loud as his sister was ;) He would eat all day long if we let him. He fits perfectly into the sweet teeny preemie outfits that Aunt Linda sent him! It looks like he will be in size NB diapers for awhile so we better find some more soon! His umbilical cord fell off last week (on his 1 week bday). Emma keeps reminding us that his tummy fell off!

He has gotten much better at sleeping during the night. We double swaddle him and make certain that his tummy is full. He usually only wakes up 2-3 times (woo hoo)! Emma is still a great big sister and is slowly but surely getting the hang of being gentle and quiet when he sleeps! Here are some photos taken during his second week:

Snoozing on his 2 week bday


Meeting Uncle Joseph & Aunt Natalie

Sweet baby!

My two favorite guys


  1. Oh Katy! He is absolutely fabulous! I can't believe that he is already 2 wks old! Doesn't seem possible!

  2. He is just so sweet and adorable. I find myself laughing at pictures of him, cause he is wearing the same outfits as Christian. We both have such great taste in clothes :)