Monday, November 30, 2009

Deck the Halls!

In the coaching world the year is often broken up into sporting seasons (such as football, baseball, etc.) Well, today starts a new season called SOCCER! This is Coach Smith's second year to coach it and it is also Cameron's second year to be UIL. There are even enough guys signed up this year to have a JV team. Most 3A schools do not have a soccer program which means that Cameron plays mostly bigger schools. Last year they played several 4A opponents and this year have a couple of 5A schools on the schedule. Soccer season goes through mid March and there are typically two varsity games and one JV game per week. The first game is actually a tournament and is Jan 7th. Thankfully it isn't near as time consuming as football season. We are looking forward to hosting some of the Thursday night team meals at our home.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Santa Emma

Owen in his holiday pjs - 6 wks old

We decorated the house this weekend and plan to put lights outside this week. Emma had the best time putting the ornaments on the tree. Of course, they all ended up around the very bottom and we had to offer some assistance in spreading them out! When she was little bitty I worried about her grabbing ornaments and breaking/eating them. To my surprise, it was never an issue. Well, this year might be a different story!