Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Three weeks old!

Owen is three weeks old today! Can you believe it?! He is becoming more alert and aware of his surroundings. He doesn't sleep as much during the day anymore and is doing okay at night time. He is still hungry all the time! His two week check up went very well last week. Dr. Flippin is so sweet and gentle. She said that he looks wonderful. Luckily he had gained all of his birth weight back. He was exactly 7 lbs 12 oz again!

Owen experienced his first football game on Friday night. It was the Yoemen's last game and it was his daddy's birthday. He stayed in the sling and slept most of the time. I went grocery shopping yesterday for the first time with two kids....boy is that an adventure! Enjoy this week's photos:

Happy Owen on his 3 wk bday!

Owen's game day attire

Sweet cheeks!

Future President
After bath time


  1. He is adorable! I just can't get over how much he looks like Emma. I am glad things are going well and I hope they continue to.

  2. Travis needs one of those Future President onesies. It is too cute! Looks like he is growing well!

  3. oh how stinkin' cute is he!!! very cute pics!