Saturday, May 30, 2009

My job

It is amazing to be a mom. It is rewarding, challenging and life altering. It is my job and I love it! It is overwhelming yet humbling to think that I comfort Emma and provide her security that no one or nothing else can. When she gets hurt or can't fall asleep at night she calls for me. Recently Emma has become rather attached to me at bedtime. She wants to me to read a half dozen books, lay down beside her, rub her back, and rock and/or sing to her. Some nights I can't help but think that in twelve years she won't want me to tuck her in. In fifteen years she will be preparing to move away to college and will be a whole phone call away :(

I can remember viewing my mom as that provider of reassurance and refuge. It is a great responsibility to bring a baby into the world and to nourish, guide and teach it to eventually become a productive member of society. Sometimes I wonder how I will be able to physically and emotionally provide this for two (or more) children at the same time. I truly believe that God will provide the strength and ability to do so.

I looked up synonyms for the word "mother" and here are some examples of what I found: administrator, architect, author, builder, creater, dean, elder, encourager, generator, initiator, introducer, leader, maker, matriarch, motor, prime mover, organizer, originator, sponsor and supporter. It is awesome that as soon as we become mothers we are all of these things and more! Talk about some major multi tasking!!

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  1. I think I am going to read this blog anytime I feel frustrated (like while potty training or juggling 2). It reminds me why I love being a mom.