Monday, May 11, 2009

My favorite show

Does anybody else out there watch Desperate Housewives? I love it!! Five years ago when it started I didn't watch it. I literally started watching it because it's all anyone ever talked about! Now the ratings have dropped but luckily ABC has confirmed another season!! DH is one of those shows that you HAVE to keep up with on a weekly basis. Otherwise, you are LOST! In case you are not familiar with it, there are five main characters ("housewives") with five completely different personalities. They are neighbors on Wisteria Lane. The show tells all about their complicated love lives, their families and of course their drama.

I think that the show is very well written and leaves its most loyal viewers in suspense at the end of each episode. There are not many other shows that I make a point to watch on a weekly basis....well, except maybe Oprah and The Bachelor!

Next week is the two hour long season finale. Here is a quote from a web site I discovered called Junkie Spoiler: "The previous four finales have featured eight deaths, four characters held at gunpoint, three weddings, three new kids, two women arrested, two affairs revealed, the beginning of an affair, an engagement, an almost-engagement, a kidnapping, a fake suicide, a fake pregnancy, a hit and run, over a hundred thousand in stolen drug money, and a woman attacked with a hockey stick." How about that for an exciting show??


  1. I started watching Lost because it seemed like everyone and their mother watched it. I don't watch Deperate Housewives, but sometimes I wish I did. After reading the quote, I feel like I am missing out on so much.

  2. i love DH but have sadly missed the last couple of months because of school. sunday night is my homework night. i too want to start watching Lost because everyone talks about it. i also love brother's and sister's, do you watch that?

  3. No, I don't watch it, only because it comes on right after DH and I usually have laundry to fold - ha! Is it good too?