Thursday, May 21, 2009

Austin trip

Jarrod was asked to accompany three students to the state history fair in Austin over the past couple of days. Emma and I met them down there last night and had a fun time! Emma got to swim in the hotel pool with her daddy as soon as we arrived! She loved it! She jumps in with no fear.....and it worries me to no end! She even woke up at 2am and asked if we could go swimming. Unfortunately I had forgotten the bag with our swim suits, sun block, swim ring, and camera!!!! I was so mad at myself :( I guess I learned my lesson in packing numerous small bags. Oh well. I had planned to stop by Old Navy in Round Rock because they have a maternity section. Well, it was a joke. They had next to nothing....and what they did have was the wrong size. They didn't have any swim suits, so I was just out of luck! I did find Emma a (third) swim suit for half price!

After swimming, we went to the Bob Bullock museum to browse the students' projects. They were each required to create a biography project over someone of their choosing. There were some really neat ones there! Following that we enjoyed dinner at Texas Land & Cattle. One of the students made Emma an origami bird and she absolutely loved it :) Upon returning to the hotel there was a horse and carriage outside. The three of us decided to take a ride. It was a first for me and I was so sad that I didn't have my camera :( Our horse was named "Rowdy" and we rode around downtown Austin for about twenty minutes. We were hoping to catch a glimpse of the bats but apparently they flew early last night. The weather was nice at sunset so we walked the three blocks back to our hotel. All three of us slept together in a king size bed and it was qute cramped. Emma doesn't sleep so well away from her bed. Who can blame her?!

This morning we went to the capitol and met state representative Dan Gattis. I took this photo from his facebook page! It will also be in the Cameron Herald next week :) We then took a tour. We had our own personal tour guide and his name was Jarrod Smith. He has been to the capital numerous times before and is such a history buff! After the tour we drove North and stopped for lunch and shopping at the Round Rock outlet malls. In Carter's I commented on how sweet and pretty a little girl was. Her mother had her in a sling and she was just nine weeks old! I asked if it was her first and she said that it was actually her fifth! Her older four are all BOYS!!! I told her that I am four months pregnant and she said that I don't look it at all. I told her that I have been pretty sick and she said that she had been horribly sick with the girl but never with any of the boys. Isn't that wild?!

My next blog will probably be a video of Emma's dance recital this weekend. I'm counting on my smart hubby to figure that out :)

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