Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hump day review

Today was another busy Wednesday. It's often the only day of the week we leave the house. We have dance @9am, usually meet a friend for lunch then run errands and grocery shop. It wears me OUT!! I feel better these days although I get "gaggy" and run out of energy very quickly!

This morning in dance Mrs Lisa lined the girls up on the stars again. They acted a lot better and stayed the whole time. Emma only threw the maracas at me once this time! We have a dress rehearsal on Sunday and the real deal next weekend :) Mrs Lisa said that some of the toddlers try to run forward off the stage but she and her dad run fast - yikes!
We have started potty training....again. What a lengthy and challenging process! Everybody stresses not to push her, and just to let her do it when she is ready. That's a great plan, but I can't imagine affording two kiddos in diapers! Plus, I know how smart she is. She was in panties for two days up until naptime. She did show some progress so I am hoping for the best!
I have decided that there should be a law that all pools in Texas must open as soon as the temperature reaches a steady 90 degrees!!

I have included some photos I have taken this week. I took a series of bathtub pics and after each 'click' Emma said "awww cute"!


  1. I know you will but just to make sure, take pics of the recital. I really want to see her all cute and dancing.
    My cousin's child, who is really smart was pushed and the horror story has officailly scared away from pushing Adelaide in the slightest to potty train. I hope Emma keeps up with the good work and is successful.
    Of course she said "awww cute," she is super adorable!

  2. We will get the dance recital on video for sure!!!