Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Barrett-Smith beach bash 2016

Last month we made the looong trek to South Padre Island.  It was about 9+ hours with kiddos and frequent stops.  We met Big Daddy & Lita there.  We were so relieved when we finally saw the welcome sign that we had to pull over and take a family photo!! :) 

The water was very clear blue and beautiful.  The kids enjoyed it very much!  Owen's favorite activity was boogie boarding.  He did a great job and stayed at it for hours.

Hudson enjoyed playing and being with the big kids.  He was extremely determined to eat the sand and continued to shovel it into his mouth on purpose (yikes!)

He even snoozed in a beach chair :)

Emma made a gorgeous sand mermaid!

We built sand castles and other creations....


We visited Sea Turtle Inc which is a local conservation.  Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and release injured sea turtles.  The kids love turtles and enjoyed the up close experience.  It was very educational and enlightening.  There was even a 38 year old turtle named Gerry who once appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson!

We had a wonderful trip!!  We enjoyed eating seafood, playing board games late at night and spending time together.

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