Saturday, August 27, 2016

First day of School 2016

We enjoyed Summer 2016 and kept the kiddos very busy!  We are sad to see it come to an end but look forward to what the new school year has to bring.  Both kids return to Woodway Elementary this year.  This summer we actually bought a house a stone's throw away and the kids are thrilled about walking everyday! 

Emma is in fourth grade.  She is a big kid on campus as this is her final year of elementary {I simply can't believe it}!  She is excited that her BFFs are in her homeroom class.  Mrs Grygar seems wonderful and I know it's going to be a great year :)  

Owen is in first grade.  He is such a great kid and enjoys making new friends!  Mrs Echols is a sweet friend of mine and will be his teacher this year.  I know he will learn and grow a lot!
Owen at Meet the Teacher

Little brother will miss those two but we plan to keep busy!  Our prayer for this school year is that E & O are kind and accepting to their peers, helpful and respectful to their teachers and that they learn so much about themselves, their world and their studies.  We pray that they share the love of Jesus with everyone they interact with and that they stay safe, healthy and excited about school days :) 

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