Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hudson at 17 months

Hudson is 17 months!  He now weighs 21.5 pounds and measures 27" long.  His head circumference is 18.8".  He is wearing all size 18 outfits and just started wearing size 5 diapers.  He has a mouth full of teeth ~ a dozen with a couple more coming in.  He is as cute as can be! :)

This month has been full of medical appointments but he has been quite the trooper (as always!)  First, he saw Dr Brindley for a post surgical follow up.  The right tube looked great but the left one was clogged and therefore not doing its job.  Dr B was able to unclog it and wants to follow up again in 3 months.  Next, he visited Dr Recko for an opthamology follow up.  He was able to determine with his prisms that H's eyes haven't worsened so we will follow up again in 4 months.  Last week we made the long trek down to Texas Children's for two full days of appointments.  He had sedated MRIs of both the brain and spine, two routine urological tests and met with five different specialists {developmental pedi, neurology, urology, dietician and orthotist}.  These days are utterly exhausting for everyone involved.

Hudson is such a hearty eater!  Recently he tried shrimp, salmon, Craisins and red beans & rice.  He has enjoyed lots of fresh fruit this summer {mango, watermelon, cantaloupe, blueberries...}.  He eats very quickly and isn't a happy camper when his supply runs out.  He also loves turkey or chicken bites, cheese squares, avocado pieces and macaroni & cheese.  The only thing he occasionally turns his nose up at is apple sauce.  He is still doing well with the sippy cup and drinks approx. 4 cups full of whole milk and 1 cup full of juice per day {apple or cranberry}.
We snagged this pre owned Squiggles stander from another local SB family.  Their kiddo is right at a year older than H so it fits very well.  Right now we want him to spend an hour in it twice a day.  Eventually that time duration will increase.  The next one will have wheels but this one will certainly get him used to being upright.  This position is especially great for his bones, digestive system and weight bearing.  He loves being hands free but tends to get antsy after being in it awhile!  :)  In PT we are focusing on weight bearing in his legs, army crawling and sitting without arm support.  He works hard but gets angry after awhile.  We also got him a balance ball.

His most recent word is "light".  He wakes up saying it and loves to pull the string on the fan.  He also constantly says "bup" but we haven't yet determined what that means!  He babbles a lot so hopefully he will start talking more soon.

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