Friday, July 8, 2016

Hudson at 16 months

Hudson is 16 months old!  He now weighs approximately 21 pounds.  He is wearing more size 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.  He now has 11 pearly whites and his hair is getting super long!

He loves the view riding this way through Target.  He thinks it is pretty neat sitting beside Owen and doesn't fuss at all :)

He enjoyed his first beach trip of the summer!
I'm happy to report that he now only drinks from a sippy cup!  After a few attempts to slowly introduce it we had to go cold turkey because he was pretty much attached to the bottle.  He is doing a great job!  He still LOVES meal time.  He is such a great eater and eats ANYthing he is offered.  I always cut everything into small bites but he often stuffs several into his mouth one right after another!  This month he tried tomato and corn on the cob.  New snacks include freeze dried fruit and teensy organic fruit gummies.  He often needs an immediate bath right after dinner :)

He outgrew his infant bath sling so we ordered a new fun bath chair!  This offers him just the right support but allows him to play and see what's going on.  He especially loves putting his hands underneath faucet to feel the water.

He usually sleeps well at night and prefers to be on his tummy.  He starts babbling around 7:00am and is usually ready for bed by 7:00pm.  He doesn't like being put down for naps and only cat naps during the day.  He often falls asleep playing with a stuffed animal and listening to lullabies.

Jaylon encouraged us to have him "stand" assisted to bear weight in his legs.  He loves having Emma at PT sessions over the summer!  She suggested having him measured for a stander.  This piece of equipment will essentially hold him in a standing position for long periods of time - which is great for his body and will offer him a brand new perspective of his world!  Unfortunately it is a lengthy claim process.  The new set of AFO braces he received were huge and unaccommodating so they were recently reconstructed.   They are solid blue because there weren't near as many pattern options this time!

Last month Dr Brindley inserted tubes in Hudson's ears.  For several consecutive months prior a tympanogram detected that his eardrums weren't moving as they should.  Our hope is that this drains the fluid and allows him to hear much better.  Our prayer is that this will improve his speech.
He has mastered the straw!  We now order him a kids water at restaurants and he loves it!  He is growing fast and has developed such a sweet personality :)

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