Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween from the Smiths!!  And just for the heck of it, take a glance at 20092010 and 2011.  

Our "football boy", as Owen called himself

Can you tell his daddy has been working on him?  He has mastered the three point stance!

Our beautiful tiger (she totally insisted on posing in character!)

Our first stop was the Fall festival at church.  Our trick-or-treaters enjoyed lots of games, cookie decorating, bouncing and prizes!  At one point we misplaced our social butterfly but quickly found her doing the cake walk.  Later she said "Mom, I played musical chairs but something was very different!" :)

There is something very strange about Emma knowing people I don't know!!  She has definitely met lots of fun new friends at school.  I think we must have ran into almost all of her classmates.  Here she is with Policeman Hayden (she talks about this guy quite often)!

After the festival we headed out to trick-or-treat with the coaches' kids!!  For the first time in four years we were not walking down Jackson Avenue with our other coaches' kids and it was rather bittersweet.  All of these cute kiddos are new to town this year!

Tiger Coach Daddies (it was almost like trick-or-treating with a few celebrities.  Everybody knew these guys!)

Somebody got tired of walking in her heels ;)

Our family of four

We had a wonderful evening of making memories and love this Tiger and Football boy more than they know!

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