Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving/Owen's first Aggie game

Happy (very belated!) Thanksgiving from the Smiths.  Yep, this is definitely the best family photo that was taken that day.  The kids were not in the photo taking mood and Jarrod had a massive sinus infection.   

It was soooooo nice that Jarrod and the kids had off all week from school.  We soaked up those nine days the best way we knew how.  We stayed up late, slept in late, drove into town for ice cream after dark, relaxed, and enjoyed having Jarrod around again!  We spent part of the break back "home" in central Texas.  Oh how it was good to be back.  We visited with lots of family, did some Christmas shopping, enjoyed a date night and ate way too much.  It was delightful.  Ohhh how hard it has been returning to our early mornings and regimented school schedule.  How long 'til Christmas?!?

On our way back to east Texas we made a stop in Aggieland.  Jarrod was excited to take both kids to a game.  His first all season and Owen's first time ever.  I dropped them off a few hours early so that the kids could enjoy the fun zone area (bouncy houses, face painting, etc).  They seemed to have a grand time, even though Owen slept through the game ;)

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