Saturday, November 17, 2012

A little man of (a few) more words

Here is a short collection of the recent verbal growth I have witnessed in Owen.  You may recall the speech delay concerns we have had and this list helps me track his progress.  We have been delighted to hear new words, phrases and repetition lately!  Owen is developing such a fun and spunky personality :)
On Fridays I usually wear the same fitted bright orange shirt with TIGERS across the front in rhinestones.  As soon as Owen sees me wearing it this is our conversation:

Owen: "Mama, why you wear dat shirt?"
Me: "Why do you think?"
Owen: "Eees game day?"
Me: "Yes!"
Owen: "Yaaaay!  Fubol game today!"
Upon picking Owen up from school one day he showed me some Thanksgiving artwork he had made.

Me: "Owen, I love it!  Is this for Christmas (jokingly)?"
Owen: "No Keys-mas time yet (pause)....Omost!"
We ran into Huntsville to grab lunch one day.  Owen is still a VERY finicky eater so we always just share our meal with him.  While enjoying french fries Owen clearly blurts out "Mmmm, delllllicious!"  His tongue got stuck on the 'L' but it was very clear how he felt :)
We constantly face challenges with Owen at the dinner table.  Often he simply doesn't eat.  Here is how the conversation often goes:

Jarrod:  "Buddy, you better eat your food or you will be hungry later."
Owen:  "No me hooongry (while dramatically folding arms on chest and giving a mean face)"
Jarrod:  "Do you want to be like the football boys?"
Owen:  "Yeah!  Me get beeg and strong (showing muscles and proceeding to try a few bites)"
Owen:  "Ees cold oww-kide today?"
Me:  "Yes, you need your jacket."
Most days as soon as Jarrod returns home from work:

Owen: "Daddy, you bring home Ipad?"
Daddy: "Take turns with your sister."
Owen: "Me pay Ipad five more meenutes, fweeze?"
This day goes down in history....on 11/15 Owen counted to ten on his own!  Music to my ears :)  We were picking Emma up from school and he hopped from tiger paw to tiger paw on the sidewalk counting:
"One, boo, tree, pour, pibe, seax, sesen, eight, nigh, teen!"
Generally speaking, Emma and Owen get along quite well.  She is super proud that he is talking so well now.  He thinks a lot of her and enjoys when she notices his progress.
Emma: "Wow buddy, good job!"
Owen: "Emma, you nice!"
My attempt at nap time one day:
Me:  "Owen, it's time to lay down and close your eyes."
Owen: (Lifting a curtain to look outside) "Yook, ees no nark oww-kide!"
Driving in the car after the district wide pep rally:
Owen: "Why dat skew bus go dat way and dat one go dat way?"
Me: "One is taking kids to a different school."
Owen: "Uh oh -- dat skew bus go da wrong way mama."
Since turning three Owen has started testing his boundaries a lot more! He also finds himself in time out more often :)
Me: "Owen, please don't turn on the TV."
Owen: "I wee-yuhl turn eet on and gotch (watch) my bows (shows) on tee-wee! (TV)"

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