Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Tonight we attended 'Meet the Teacher' at Lansberry Elementary.  I may or may not have shed tears on the way there.  Emma was uncharacteristically reserved at first but warmed up quickly.  The Kindergarten hallway is decorated in a safari theme and her classroom is decorated with owls, vibrant colors and all sorts of learning posters.  Her favorite part was the upstairs play center. 

According to the schedule below, her days will start bright and early.  This will definitely be an adjustment for all of us but it looks like her school time will be full of fun and learning!  She has PE three times each week and on the other two days she will have fine arts and computer lab.

Ms. Thornton seems wonderful!  She was highly recommended by others and has been teaching Kindergarten in Trinity for 25 years.  She was very welcoming and I know Emma will love her :)  I'm sure it was pretty clear that this was my first time at this.  Most mamas probably don't have a prepared list of questions and a packet of tissues ready for backup.  Obviously I needed to know where to pick her up, where the nearest potty is, if I can be the room mom, whether or not to label her supplies and how to go about paying for cafeteria lunches.  

She looks forward to making at least fourteen new best friends on Monday!! 

She enjoyed some refreshments at the cafeteria table with daddy.  She can't wait to try the cafeteria food!

Although it is overwhelmingly bittersweet to watch her grow up, we are thrilled for Emma as she embarks on this new adventure!  We look forward to watching her learn, grow and excel in new ways.  Let's just hope that the next thirteen years don't fly by near as quickly as the last five-and-a-half have!


  1. I felt a little lump in my throat for you as I read this! I will be thinking about you this week, and hope Emma has a wonderful first day!

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