Thursday, August 30, 2012

Emma's BIG day

Our baby girl started KINDERGARTEN this week!!  I am so proud of her and know she will have a wonderful year.  She loves school and had a fun first couple of days.  She was especially excited to receive an orange triangle in the cafeteria for good behavior.  Emma is incredibly independent, eager to please and ready to learn.  She is set on eating cafeteria food for lunch and begs daily to ride the bus home.  

At bedtime on the evening before we read "The Night Before Kindergarten" :)

We assembled this "Back to School survival kit" for Ms. Thornton.  She called me that afternoon to thank us and commented that Emma was "so polite and well behaved".  Such sweet words to a parent's ear :)

Bright and early on the first day in front of her new school sign!

The long walk to the Kindergarten hall....

All smiles about her big day :)

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