Sunday, August 5, 2012

Big Boy Bed

Between church and nap time today we converted Owen's crib into a toddler bed.  He even got to try out his brand new big boy bedding (a Target steal, sports themed of course)!  When daddy grabbed his necessary tools Owen did the same :)

His big sister jumped out of her crib long before her second birthday (and naps completely stopped) I was planning on keeping him in it as long as possible.  He seemed perfectly content there.  However, his daddy made a good point.....there is no way to fully potty train and to expect his body to learn his signs if we don't follow through all the way.  This means no more diapers....even at sleep time (gasp!)

I was rather reluctant since mama this boy needs his daily three hour nap.  I went along with it and prayed for the best.  He came out several times needing to potty.  Once it got quiet I peeked in to find that he had pulled his curtain rod out of the wall.  Lovely.  After that he really impressed me and took a long nap!  

Just another step in growing up.  I sure wish I could find some way to keep these little ones little forever!

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