Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pitiful Pooch

At breakfast on Saturday morning we noticed that Roxie's right ear flap was extremely swollen. She has a history of ear issues (which is evidently common in dogs with floppy ears). I called one of my Okie friends Alicia (she graduated from OSU vet school a couple of years ago). She told me that it sounded like an aural hematoma and that was most likely caused by shaking her head.  She assured me that it wasn't an emergency but that it would only get bigger and more painful. 

First thing Monday morning I contacted our local vet and scheduled surgery for Wednesday.  Roxie was so excited to get to go in the car but her mood quickly changed when she realized what was going on.  I put a leash on her but she managed to slip out of her collar.  She immediately tucked in her tail and sprinted back to the car and jumped in.  I finally chased her into the back seat and had no choice but to lug her 65+ pound body to her specified kennel.  I wasn't kidding when I told Dr. Appling that she doesn't know she is a dog :)

The vet called late Wednesday afternoon with an update.  She said that surgery went well and that she was also able to give her annual shots and clip her nails (sounds like a spa treatment to me)!  She said that it took her awhile to warm up but that she is a sweetheart.  She said that she had the ear bandaged and that she looked like a unicorn (too bad I didn't get a photo)!  As long as she doesn't mess with it too much she won't have to wear an Elizabethan collar.  She kept her overnight for routine observation and I picked her up today.  I heard Roxie's happy whimper as soon as I opened the car door.  I think she was ready to go home :)

We are so thankful for some a wonderful vet and most of all for a healthy pooch!  Roxie is such an important part of the Smith household. 

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