Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday to Owen!!!


He started his special day off with a cinnamon roll and a kiss from his favorite big sis :)

After visiting with Aunt Mary in Waco we headed to the mall.  He played in the kids' area like a big boy!!  His favorite thing was letting his sister knock him down each time she went down the slide.  Go figure :)

After dinner Owen opened a few gifts.  He received a Little People farm, plastic balls, John Deere boots, a giant red bouncy ball and an autographed football from the varsity Yoemen team.

Emma said that she had to help him open gifts because he had never had a birthday before :)

Owen got his first taste of cupcake...yum!

Dear Owen,

You are ONE today!! What a year it has been. You are truly a blessing to our family!  It has been amazing to watch you transform from a tiny infant into a sweet little boy!

You are such a happy little guy but can be oh so serious. You still don’t sleep all the way through the night but that’s okay, I love our midnight cuddles. You love to wiggle and you won’t sit still for very long at all. You still only have your two bottom teeth and love to show them off to anyone and everyone! You are curious and spunky! You are 100% boy and enjoy getting dirty and discovering mischief! You almost always have bumps and bruises and I’m certain that won’t change for awhile!

You love when Daddy comes home but as soon as something makes you mad you want Mama. In fact, you say “Da da da” as soon as you see his truck pull in the driveway but you only say “Ma ma ma” when you are grumpy, hungry or tired. Your first real word was dog (“dah”). You climb on Roxie and pull her tail but she loves you so much that she puts up with it. Most of all, you adore your big sister. You even try to push her bedroom door open each morning before it is time for her to wake up! You laugh out loud at Emma and forgive her, even when she sits on you. After all, what are big sisters for?! To date you are a speed crawler and after standing for a few seconds alone you always clap for yourself! It won’t be long before you take your very first step.

You have started pointing at whatever you want. You wave at the appropriate times and even initiated Peek a Boo this week. You can find and point at the light (which was also one of your first words). You love to climb stairs and other large objects. You are a fan of balls and balloons of all kinds. You hate green beans but would eat pasta for three meals a day if we let you. You also consumed an entire small McDonald’s hamburger by yourself! You hate to sit down in the bath tub. You would rather stand and check out the running water.

I am so proud of you and look forward to what this next year has in store!  You are a joy and I love you more than you will ever know!


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