Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bell Reunion

Our annual Bell family reunion is held the first Saturday of each October.  This year we had a new location and enjoyed the company of family members both young and old.  I joke that I retired from the organizing committee this year (I usually pick out and set up the decor, paper goods, etc. but this year was someone else's turn!) 

My grandmother "Memaw", Uncle Billy and cousin Rebekah traveled in from West Texas and we enjoyed visiting.  Upon our departure Billy said "Give me my annual hug".  It was actually more like a semi annual hug and I'm sure we will see them at some point over the holidays.  Emma talks about Rebekah (age 10) ALL the time and it was a sweet surprise for them to get to visit.

My cousin Hannah was visiting from Missouri.  Chass, Hannah & mysef are just three of thirteen Parmer first cousins (we missed the rest of you!!)

 Here is Memaw with four of her children (Aunt Kay, perhaps we can photo shop you in!) 

Owen and cousin Anaiah are exactly 9 months apart to the day and seemed to enjoy their first reunion experiences.  More than anything I wanted to get a decent photo of Memaw with her three great grandchildren but most of you know how challenging it can be to get three kiddos age 3 and under to cooperate at the same point in time :)  We will try again another day. 

You learn something new every day....even about your own family!  I finally have a claim to fame!  Evidently one of my kin folk (Logan Henderson) stars in a popular show on Nickelodeon called Big Time Rush and even made a one time appearance and Friday Night Lights.  He is also in a boy band and you can click to hear his music!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome family! I actually have friends that I went to school with that are Bells and they had a reunion this weekend too. Small World!