Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday tid bits

We have been keeping busy as usual in the Smith household.  Here are some tid bits to keep you updated :)

1.  It's finally offically FALL (I patiently waited all Summer)!!  I put a bright orange pumpkin on the porch last week and now I can add the scarecrow :)  If only the temps would drop....ohh....twenty degrees or so.....I would be a very happy girl!  I am so ready for the first CHILLY morning that I drop off carpool and head straight for Starbucks to enjoy my overpriced hot chocolate (with skim milk and extra whipped cream - they cancel one another out of course)!

2.  After almost a month of our new Fall schedule and commitments I still don't have the hang of it.  I have to glance at the calendar every single day to figure out what we have planned :)  It is totally new for us to have something EVERY single day.  Emma is only 3 but I already feel like her personal chauffeur! 

3.  Owen has had an injury filled week.  On Sunday he busted his top lip on a toy at church, yesterday afternoon he smashed his tiny pointer finger in a screen door and last night he got a large purple bump on his little forehead at Bible study :(  He finally looks like a rough and tough boy!! 

4.  Tomorrow night starts district play and the undefeated Yoemen take on the Hearne Eagles.  It's hard to believe that the regular season will be half way over already.  The guys are playing so well and are so much fun to watch!  Coach Smith is enjoying every minute :)

5.  In the midst of our new crazy schedule and the 20+ hours I work each week, I am spending every spare minute party planning for Owen's first birthday.  I absolutely LOVE everything about party planning, but it is incredibly time consuming, there's just no way around it.  I like to do as much of it myself.  While I work I browse blogs and creative ideas and then remember how craft challenged I really am :(  Our theme is 'Lil Quarterback' and we are just doing a smaller family gathering.  I have tons of cute ideas and will spend the next few weeks putting everything together :) 

6.  My ten year high school reunion is next month.  I am hosting Owen's party instead :)

6.  Sometimes Emma is a big girl.  Sometimes she is a little girl.  It just depends on which one works to her benefit at the given moment.  Ugh....

7. Three hours have never gone by so fast.  I dropped off carpool and ran errands from 9-12 like a chicken with my head cut off and still didn't have time to pick up groceries.   

8.  Owen loves, loves, loves lasagna.  You can imagine what the aftermath is like :)  Gone are the days that a regular size family lasagna feeds our family! 

9.  I can't explain how thrilled I am that the newest season of Desperate Housewives this weekend!!  I rush to get everything done and everyone to bed early on Sunday nights, just for this show :) 

10.  I have to go to aerobics now..........

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