Monday, September 20, 2010

11 months old

Owen is eleven months old today! He is such a clever, spunky and wonderful little guy! We stopped by the pedi office on 9/2 and he weighed 20 lbs 1 oz. He has transitioned to his new big boy car seat but will still face rear for awhile. He fits perfectly into size 3 diapers and will soon be wearing all size 12 month outfits.

During the past month he started crawling (no more scooting)! He has become quite the speed crawler :) Many family members have predicted that he will be walking by his first birthday but we shall see! This mama is in no hurry to have two kiddos running in two different directions.

Lately he has been sleeping through the night (with the exception of an occasional fuss or two). About a week ago we switched him to whole milk and thankfully he seems to like it a lot! After spending a fortune each month on formula I've never been so happy to buy milk!! He is mostly using sippy cups and I will be throwing away the bottles very soon. He especially loves Cheerios, pancakes, waffles and banana bread. He is not wild about baby food or Mum Mum snacks anymore. Today at lunch he grabbed his daddy's taco off of his plate which spilled ground beef all over his lap. He proceeded to eat hand fulls of it, which kept him quiet and occupied for a good half hour :)

He is very squirmy at football games and stated to clap at a pep rally couple of weeks ago! He says "Da da" and even pointed to a photo of Jarrod on the 'fridge last week and said it. He has finally started saying "Ma ma" but usually only in times of distress! He often points to Roxie and makes the sound "D". He also pointed to a ball once and made the sound "Ba-". He is starting to babble more but his sister doesn't often give him a chance to talk :)

Owen doesn't like to be stuck in a high chair, exersaucer, stroller or car seat for very long. He waould rather be held or out and about to explore!!

Happy 11 months to's almost party time!!!

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