Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shut out!

The Yoemen called the shots on Friday night against the Hearne Eagles.  The final score was 56-0!!  Unfortunately they turned the score board off as soon as the game concluded.....wish I could have taken a photo!  The Freshmen, JV & Varsity teams are all UNDEFEATED at 5-0 and next week is homecoming!  Coach Smith has nothing but great things to say about the character and motivation of the players this year.  They are respectful, determined and selfless. 

Owen clapped, cheered and even yelled "Da da da" during the entire National anthem.  He finally gave up and fell asleep during the 4th quarter.  Emma would rather hang out with anyone but her mother.....unless she needs money for popcorn.

Traveling and attending games can be challenging quite an event!  My fellow coach's wife and friend Adrienne and her 23 month old Jessilynn rode with us the past two weeks and altogether we definitely looked like a traveling circus :)  Over the years I have learned a few tricks, tips and tid bits.....some through trial and error and others through "seasoned" coach's wives/mamas.  Here is my top ten list:

10.  Do not arrive crazy early (because the kids will be tired of sitting still before kickoff!!)

9.  Take a backpack, not a diaper bag!!  Obviously it distributes the weight evenly and zips completely.

8.  Take a child leash (if age appropriate)!  This will be a lifesaver next year with Owen ;)

7.  Attach a pacifier clip!  We have searched for (and lost) too many pacifiers under the stands.

6.  Have plenty of snacks, sippy cups & toys on hand! 

5.  Take a fold up changing pad....unfortunately not all stadium restrooms have changing tables.

4.  Always carry antibacterial spray/gel....many of the restrooms at games are sans soap (I know, gross!)

3.  Take pajamas in the car and change them before the trip home.  It's easier to put them straight to bed!

2.  Be flexible. 

1.  Don't stress.  Just don't.


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