Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yoe mini cheer camp

Emma enjoyed Yoe mini cheer camp this week! Her favorite cheer was "Peanut butter jelly, spread it out"!

She got this fun t shirt (although it is gigantic on her)! Several supportive local businesses donated the shirts.

Each day was a different theme. Tuesday was "crazy dress day" and her ensemble is shown below. She has recently become a matching marvel so I wasn't sure that she would do it! It doesn't get much crazier than a hot pink tu tu with knee high socks, a boa, a sethoscope, bumble bee wings and side pony tails with non matching bows :) Wednesday was "water day" and today was "maroon out"!

Most of her local little girl friends were there and she is such a social butterfly! Last week we met a new coaching family in town and they have two daughters close to Emma's age who also went to camp! Salma's mommy took this photo going into camp on Tues. When the girls saw her grab the camera they both immediately posed with hands on hips....where do they learn to be so sassy?!?

Emma made lots of cute crafts such as a magnetic picture frame, shoe pom poms and a sports bead necklace. There were over 100+ mini cheerleaders in attendance and the 3 & 4 year old group was the largest!

We enjoyed the performance and award ceremony this morning. Jarrod was even able to take a break from strategic football planning to sneak over to watch! Emma won an award for "top crazy day participation"! Go Emma Go! She had no clue what to do when they called her name....but here she is after accepting the award :)

Emma is looking forward to cheering at a home varsity football game on October 15th under the Friday night lights! Only 23 days until the first scrimmage of the season.....GO YOE!!