Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Coupon craze!

I was SO proud of more smart and savvy purchases I made today and just had to share!! This week's CVS weekly advertisement is full of great deals and combined with manufacturers coupons I made some pretty amazing purchases :)

Our family of four lives on one (full) salary and every dime counts! I am determined to figure out how to put my coupon craze to the test in order to pay the least for groceries possible! If YOU have any ideas or advice PLEASE share!! (Please note: CVS is one of the only shopping options in Cameron).

The retail value of the items shown above is approximately $64 but the amount I spent was (drum roll inserted here)....$21.69+tax!!

Formula ~ $19.99 4.99

Baby wipes ~ $7.99 5.25

Johnsons bath ~ $4.49 1.99

(2) toothbrushes ~ $5.993.99

Loreal make up ~ $141.00

Tide ~ $8.99 3.97

Dawn ~ $1.99.50

Each of these items is a staple in our household. I can either find an awesome deal on it now OR wait until we are desperate for it and pay full price. I don't think we will EVER run out of Dawn dish soap...but then again I will never pay full price for it again either ;)
Another great incentive CVS offers is an ExtraCare membership. You get 2% back on everything you purchase as well as bonus "ExtraCare bucks" to use as value toward future purchases. They now have a machine in the store lobby that spits out new coupons each time your membership card is swiped! How cool is that??!!


  1. Wow! I'm going to CVS today. :)

  2. Oh....and today I took advantage of another CVS offer this week. Milk is on sale for $2.99 AND you get $1 ECB to use on future purchases :)