Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Funday

While Jarrod did this today........

The kids, my mom and I headed to Waco after church! After picking up lunch and visiting with Aunt Mary we headed to I'm Yours ! This weekend was their annual warehouse sale. Established in 1979, this business creates the cutest shirts and accessories around! They are a factory outlet and ship items to the finest childrens boutiques in the nation. They have shirts for ALL holidays and occasions and make great gifts!
I wore I'm Yours shirts as a little girl and it's so much fun to take Emma to pick them out now. Her size XS shirts lasted for a couple of years but finally got a little too short. She is now in size Small! One of the most fun parts of having a daughter is getting to shop for all things PINK, frilly and sparkly!! Jarrod had made it very clear that I shouldn't bring anything home for Owen :)
Here are the shirts we left with today:

Cheer camp, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter are covered!!


  1. Nice to see your hubby has joined the ranks of handguns!!! Love the shirts! Kendall would LOVE those!