Friday, May 7, 2010

Two hundred

This week a year ago I wrote in Owen's baby journal that I was starting to feel him move! I had also purchased one baby girl outfit and one baby boy outfit, since we didn't know the gender yet!
Time flies when you're having fun!
Tomorrow Owen will be 200 days old! He is growing very quickly and is learning new things every day. His favorite new actvity is the doorway jumper. Thanks to my friend Cristi, Owen has finally found something that he can enjoy for at least a few moments other than being held :)

His most recent milestone is sleeping without being swaddled like a lil burrito! Luckily, this adjustment has been much easier than this mama anticipated! He is also finally getting on a better sleep routine, although he still wakes up at least a hand full of times during the night. Ugh. Nap time can be challenging with a 3 year old sister who likes to gallop on the hard wood floors! Since being unswaddled, Owen seems to prefer sleeping on his tummy, just like his daddy! He likes to have his back rubbed and has become very fond of the pacifier....notice two in the photo below :)

Although he is still a mama's boy, Owen has recently enjoyed hanging out with his daddy. This week I took Emma to aerobics with me and left the guys together for some "male bonding time"...whatever that means! It was the first time ever that we had split boys together and girls together. We returned home to discover that Owen had napped on his daddy the entire time! Since then Jarrod has done bath/bed time alone a couple of times and Owen hasn't fussed :)

Owen has started taking more of an interest in food! He now actually finishes complete jars of baby food and has a strong preference for anything mixed with oatmeal! Instead of always "snacking" he finishes bottles now.

Owen smiles all the time but giggles very seldom. He is very ticklish and that usually forces a giggle or two! We were sitting at the dinner table last week and Emma started acting silly. Owen thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen (it probably was) and started giggling like a crazy!

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