Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mid week update

As much as I would LOVE to be, I am not a great gardener. My next door neighbor, however, IS!!! I am lucky enough to be able to benefit as these beautiful luscious flowers hang over our shared fence! The other day she actually apologized and told me she would come cut anything I wanted. I told her no way, especially since they are the most appealing part of our backyard :) Truth be told, her backyard it breath taking. She and her husband say it took 25+ years to get it that way, but it could literally be featured in a home & garden magazine. Sometimes I like to sneak a peak through the fence :)

Yesterday my mom, the kids and I ventured to College Station so that she could return some books from last semester. We stopped by Target and my mom bought each of the kids a treat. Emma got a pool for the backyard and Owen finally got an exersuacer/jumper! It has already been a life saver for me while working! Thanks, Lita!!

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