Thursday, May 20, 2010

7 months old!

Owen is 7 months old today! He has recently become a little more content overall but sleep is still a sore subject :/ He is all boy and loves to get into anything he can reach. I think he had chewed all the way through the plastic table cloth at the Yoe athletic banquet dinner the other night before it had started! He loves to grab drinking straws as well as his spoon/food. He is one messy eater! Emma is still as sweet as an be to him but is rather reluctant to let him borrow her toys since he drools all over them.

Owen met a new buddy recently. Benjamin is 12 days older and is my work supervisor's son (Erin and I went to jr high and high school together).

Owen's newest milestone is sitting by himself - just for several moments. We have all hard wood floors throughout the house and I can already see this being an issue with his upcoming milestones (sitting up, crawling, walking, etc.) He fell forward from a sitting position last weekend and had his first poor little bruise for a few days.

Owen is still wearing some 3 month outfits but is mostly in size 6 month. He fits comfortably in size 2 diapers. He has to be double diapered at night and goes through more diapers per day than his sister did at this age :/

Owen is looking forward to his first trip to the beach this month! It's so hard to believe that we will be celebrating his first birthday party in just 5 short months....

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