Friday, May 14, 2010

Fifteen on Friday

TGIF! Today I am copying a fellow blogger mama's idea and I am creating a list of tid bits to keep you all informed of the recent going ons in the Smith household :)

1. Is there such a thing as being completely "caught up" on the laundry? It seems like a never ending cycle! We have matching hampers in each bedroom....and they are always full. Even with itty bitty clothes! Socks are my worst enemy. Either I can't find a match or I just can't find any for anyone at all! Poor Jarrod often searches for a matching pair before work in the mornings....and he doesn't even complain...much :)

2. I will never clip my children's nails again. Ever. Jarrod is now the designated clipper. On Tuesday morning I was clipping Emma's nails before she got in the bath tub. She was long overdue. I got through one hand just fine and then accidentely clipped a little to far on her left pinky. She screamed and I panicked. I thought we were going to have to make another ER was THAT bad. I held pressure and the bleeding finally stopped. I have never felt so bad in my life. Barbie band aids make it a little better but she is strong and puts up a good fight. When it bothers her she reminds me that I hurt her and she doesn't like me anymore. Great.

3. I love my job. It works out very well for our family. I can stay home with the kiddos but still bring in extra income. However, since Owen's arrival it has become rather challenging to complete my 20 hours. Friday is the last day of my work week and I always end up playing catch up.

4. After tomorrow's game we will officially be half way through Emma's first season of pre t ball. It has been a good experience and the kiddos have enjoyed every minute. The games are quite entertaining and Emma and her bestie, Brinley, exchange pink gloves while out in the field. They also spend lots of time "sunbathing" on the pitcher's mound :) Oooh that's my girl!

5. We are headed to Galveston on June 1st! Emma is looking forward to building sand castles. It is always a fun trip to spend time with my parents, brother and sister-in-law. My best friend Lauren and her husband live closeby always come to the beach house the night my dad boils shrimp!

6. Emma's feet have gone through a major growth spurt recently! All of her shoes seem to be too tight. On Wed morning we were in our usual mad rush to get out the door in time for dance class and Emma would not walk in her ballet shoes. She said they hurt. I do not want to buy her a new pair less than 2 weeks before the recital (esp since we aren't dancing in the Fall). At class one of her teachers un tied the laces and put her pointer finger inside to loosen and stretch the material. Hooray for them fitting more comfortably and not having to invest in more :)

7. Since the weather has been so nice lately we have spent plenty of time in the backyard. The kids are finally able enjoy the swing set Jarrod built last Fall. There is a platform on the swing set that is just under 6 ft tall. Yesterday Roxie followed Emma up the stairs and the next thing we knew she LEAPED off of the platform!! This is the same dog who is scared of cats and needs assistance jumping into the car and off of the couch! Fortunately she had a clean landing and seems just fine. I told Jarrod that she probably practices that move when she is alone ;)

8. Why is the month of May always so busy?!? All of the weekends are booked like CRAZY and we have school banquets galore on the week days. Tomorrow we have a t ball game, my cousin's baby shower in Waco, a graduation dinner in Salado. On Sunday we have our last marriage class at church and then Emma's recital rehearsal. Then Jarrod has to hand out senior awards. Next weekend we have a t ball game, dance recital and a bday party in Waco. I'm hoping June will be a little slower.

9. Jarrod makes the BEST smoothies. He has been doing so since lent because they taste so sweet and it replaced desserts. He blends ice, yogurt, fresh fruit and milk. Emma requests them almost every night. He is in the kitchen making some now :)

10. When I was in college I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning. Just because. Now I WISH I had understood the value of sleep back then. Owen is doing a little better but still wakes up a hand full of times between 7:30pm - 7:30am. It's painfully exhausting some nights. This morning around 1am I told Jarrod to remind me of this when I'm sad when he heads to college (sniff sniff). I'm so ready for "the night" know, the one when he sleeps the whole night through and I don't know until morning (after 7am!)

11. Emma's new phrase is "It's not fair." Where does she come up with these things? She even uses it in the right way! Evidently it's not fair that she has to go to bed, brush her teeth or eat broccoli. Last night was the first night she said it to her daddy. His response was that a "fair" is where you can buy a corndog! Her favorite show right now is Phenias and Ferb on the Disney channel - she knows the theme song by heart. Does anyone else watch that?!

12. This week Owen has started dancing. Whenever his daddy sings or he hears a beat of music he moves his body with the rhythm. He did it to the Oprah show song today. He has no interest in crawling. That's fine by me.

13. Emma starts preschool in 109 days....but who is counting?! It will be bittersweet at first, but she and I are both ready! She has started getting bored while I work and its hard to keep her entertained all day long....especially since she doesn't nap :/ She loves, loves, loves interacting with her peers...and always wants to go somewhere or do something!

14. Football season is already underway. It seems to start earlier every year! Coach Smith is already traveling with 7 on 7 teams and watches film after school. We are looking forward to going to coaching school with him in San Antonio in July. After that we won't see much of him until the holidays.

15. I am proud to be a coupon freak! My friend Sandra and I swap when possible. I never purchase diapers or wipes without a coupon in hand. I have saved around $30 during my most recent two grocery runs. I sure wish I lived near a grocery store that hosted double/triple coupon days....maybe one of these days!


  1. wow you guys are busy!!! hope you guys have fun at the beach, we want to take our kids this summer.

    so how do you find most of your coupons? i hate looking online, it seems like every site wants me to join something or sign up for some sort of subscription. do you just get the newspaper on sundays?

  2. MP - my parents are generous enough to rent a big beach house every year. We love it!

    I do find most of my grocery coupons in the paper although I also often google specific stores. I really wish I could discover new ways of finding them!