Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hudson at 19 months

 Hudson is 19 months!  He now weighs 23 pounds and measures 27" long.  His 15th tooth is coming in and he wears all size 18 month outfits.  He is looking less like a baby and more like a toddler by the day {sniff sniff}! 

In the past couple of weeks he has made HUGE progress in mobility and motivation.  He has started the beginning stages of army crawling which has allowed him more independence and ability to explore his world.  We are now able to place him on the floor and watch him "ooch" around from one toy to another.  Instead of being interested in baby toys he is more motivated to move toward iphones, plants, balloons and books :)

On 9/23 he waved "bye bye" with his left hand when a cashier did it to him.  He hasn't done it since but he definitely did it then :)  He has really started to grasp the concepts of push/pull.  Instead of rolling himself in his Bumbo wheelchair he will grab on to something and pull himself toward it.  Smart little stinker!

We took the month of September off of PT for insurance reasons but Jaylon stopped by one day to attach kinesiology tape to Hudson's back and tummy.  Its purpose is to strengthen his core and help with balance.  It is very stretchy and lasts approximately five days before needing to be replaced.  The first day he seemed agitated by it but after that didn't seem to care.  We have noticed a small difference in his ability to sit up straight on the floor and in the high chair specifically.

Recently he tried a pop tart and pickle and loved both!  He wants some of anything we are eating and never seems full! 
His siblings enjoy reading to him.  He is a great listener but would really like to rip the pages!  In fact, he has managed to rip a few over the last couple of weeks (oops!)
He sleeps around ten hours each night but still wakes up 1-2 times.  He usually takes a short nap in the mornings and then sometimes another short nap in the afternoons.  On 10/5 he fell out of bed for he first time by pinwheeling his torso around and then flipping over from his tummy. 

He really enjoys exploring his legs and feet.  If his shoes are not on he removes his socks every time and gets upset when we put them back on!  He likes to examine our mouths and will often mimic our facial expressions.  He likes to lean forward in the stroller to touch things while we shop. 

 Hudsy is such a joy.  Our littlest pumpkin :)

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