Thursday, October 20, 2016

Owen is seven

Our Owen just turned seven!!  He is the comic relief in our world, is as curious as can be and is very passionate about the world around him.  He now weighs 55 lbs and stands 4'1" tall {both in the 75th percentile}.  He wears size 6/7 clothes and size 2 shoes. 

At bedtime the night before his birthday I asked if he would consider staying six just another year.  Of course he refused and was ready for year lucky number seven!  

We celebrated all week long!!  :)

He is enjoying all the adventures of first grade.  His reading level is advanced and his handwriting is improving.  I always enjoy seeing the work he brings home because it is always very creative and unpredictable!  He participates in speech therapy once a week at school.  He enjoys playing golf, flag football and baseball.  He is very competitive, athletically gifted and is truly so much fun to watch on the field!

He loves the great outdoors and caught his first fish this Summer in West Texas!  He also enjoys puppet ministry, Awanas and Children's choir at church.

    Day of the week:
TV Show: Phineas & Ferb and Curious George
Movie: The Incredibles
Color: Green
Hobby: playing football
Food: Ramen noodles
Friend: Keaton and Hayden
Book: Star Wars

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