Friday, September 9, 2016

Hudson at 18 months

Hudson is 18 months - happy (HALF} birthday, sweet boy!!  You are so loved.  He now weighs approximately 22 pounds.  He wears size 18 month clothes, size 5 diapers and has a whole mouthful of teeth (13 total)!  He is very good at being cute and lights up our world!

He thinks it is hilarious when Emma's ponytail brushes across his face.  He is crazy ticklish underneath his chin.  If there is a cell phone nearby he thinks he must have it {and it actually comes in handy for PT bribes}.  He loves to turn book pages, be held and bang on the piano keys.  He dislikes being buckled into the car seat, bedtime and tummy time.  He thinks his big brother and sister are pretty funny when they play fight or talk in silly voices.  He announces "light" each time he sees a ceiling fan and wants to pull the string!
He started the month off feeling pretty lousy.  He had a sudden onset of labored breathing and lethargy so I took him in.  Upon arrival his oxygen level was low and his wheezing was pretty bad.  After X rays and two rounds of breathing treatments it was determined that he had bronchilitis.  Dr Dewbre prescribed our very own nebulizer and steroids.  He did treatments every four hours around the clock that weekend but was back to his smiley self within about a week.

The bronchilitis led to a mean ear infection and he had to get his ears examined and cleaned out twice in one week.  At the later appointment they did an auditory test.  We sat in a sound booth while the lady spoke into various speakers to encourage Hudson to direct his attention toward.  He did very well which means the tubes are doing their job! :)  Before tubes he was at a 45 decibel and now he is below a 20 {which is exactly what we want}!

He still loves to eat anything and everything -- including sweets!  We recently moved him to 2% milk and he enjoys 4-5 sippy cups per day.  His usual lunch consists of cheese cubes, grilled chicken pieces, blueberries and avacado.

He doesn't like sleeping quite as much as he does eating.  Now that the big kids have returned to school he naps a little more regularly.  He is a very light sleeper and hears every little thing.  He still wakes up a couple times at night but seems to rest better when on his tummy.  Luckily he has had this puppy Wubbanub for a couple of months without biting through it. 

Bath time is lots of fun!  He enjoys playing with toys but doesn't like when the shower head sprays him on accident!
In PT we are focusing mostly on army crawling and sitting more independently.  He also has the balance ball to work on his ab muscles. 

He spends time daily in the stander and Bumbo wheelchair.  Recently he has started opening and closing drawers within reach.

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