Thursday, April 21, 2016

Kindergarten trip to the zoo!

After several days of thunderstorms the sun finally came out just in time for the Kindergarten field trip to the Cameron Park Zoo!  Of course half the fun is just riding the bus!

 I had a great time as chaperone to this cute bunch :)
Hudson enjoyed the view from his stroller and loved being with all the kids!  He giggled at all of their silly antics.  Owen was so proud to have him there!

The teachers provided each group with a fun scavenger hunt.  They had to find and take note of animals that fly, eat meat, had a tail, etc.  They really enjoyed that challenge!

The weather was perfect and most of the animals were out and about.

The elephant exhibit was one of their favorites!

The kiddos were well behaved and enjoyed learning all about the animals.  They asked lots of great questions!

A highlight of the zoo is always sliding with the otters!

Sweet brothers :)

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