Thursday, April 21, 2016

Owen is six-and-a-half!

Owen is officially six-and-a-half!  He is energetic, comical, fast, ornery, smart, playful and as clever as they come!  He keeps us laughing with his stories and wit.  He weighs 51 pounds.  He wears size 6/7 clothing and size 1 shoes.  
He enjoys playing Xbox, baseball and "school" with his sister & about a hundred stuffed animals.  His favorite foods include fettuccine, Ramen noodles, Nutrigrain bars, chicken nuggets and Pediasure.  He is still a very selective eater.  He eats a Drumstick ice cream every single night at Big Daddy & Lita's (good source of calcium, I suppose!)
 He has survived 100+ days of Kindergarten!  He is an excellent student and enjoys school days.  He is a socialite and has adjusted well to the mid year school move.  He has made lots of new friends and has even brought home a couple of love notes in his backpack!  :)  His reading skills literally took off after Christmas and he recently tested at an end of year first grade level.  He is focusing on handwriting and is showing great improvement.

On storybook character day at Woodway Elementary there was no question what he would be!  Pete the Cat, of course!  :) 

He is a wonderful big brother and takes great care of Hudson!  He always wants "the brothers" to lay down and watch TV together after school.  He loves making him laugh but doesn't want anything to do with the diaper changing or bottle duty responsibility!

He has recently developed a close bond with his beloved Build-a-Bear, "Bearemy".  He begged us to retrieve him from storage and has visited B-a-B store several times for wardrobe updates.  He even rides to school with us and occupies Owen's car seat during the day :)  Owen is very creative and detail oriented.  He will often spend an extended period of time on an activity such as a puzzle, project or play dough. 

Owen sleep walks and talks fairly regularly but never remembers doing so.  He usually ends up in bed with us at some point during the night.  He likes to sleep surrounded by all of his stuffed friends :)

We love our middle little and are super thankful that God entrusted us as his parents.  We pray that he continues to grow into the young man God created him to be!

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