Monday, May 9, 2016

Hudson at 14 months

Hudson is 14 months!  He weighs 19 pounds 11 ounces and measures 26.75 inches long.  He is still in size 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers.
His is very interested in grabbing glasses off of our faces!  He is quite quick and sneaky about it!  Here he has his own plastic pair :)
 We have spent a lot of time outdoors recently enjoying the beautiful weather!

Every other Wednesday we take lunch to the big kids at school!  They like to show him to their friends and he likes to steal bites of their food :) 

The remote control is one of his favorite "toys" and he often changes the channel!

Who knew breakfast could be so exhausting?!  He now has 6 pearly whites {4 bottom & 2 top} and has started grinding them. He also has a random left top molar peeking through.  His teeth are so sharp that he bit right through his favorite {giraffe} Wubbanub one night!  We replaced it with a duck Wubbanub.  This month he tried Cheerios, pita bread and cranberry juice.  He enjoys meal time and is always eager to try whatever we are having.  We started giving him a plate and a fork.  He would prefer to drop the plate on the floor!

It is now a regular thing for him to sit in the shopping cart.  He thinks he is "Mr Cool" and always flirts with those who pass by!  We found the striped pillow at IKEA for $5 and it has been great!  We also often use it for high chairs to give him a little extra support.

This month he was molded for new leg braces.  His sweet chunky legs have grown!

He has spent many recent evenings at the ball field cheering on the Dodgers and Divas!

PT is going well.  Jaylon showed him how to get from laying on his back to a sitting position.  It's going to take some time, work and strength but he really wants to sit up like a big boy!  She also puts him in a 'crawling' position which he often becomes frustrated with.  She is impressed with the progress he is making!  He recently rolled from a push up position to his back for the first time!  

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