Monday, August 5, 2013

More Owen Lingo

Owen has made huge progress in his speech over the past several months.  He has most recently improved on the ending 'L' sound.  It certainly seems like he is turning into a big boy more and more by the day, so I thought I would take note of some of his current words and sayings before they are lost.  He is becoming more vocal and is initiating more conversation.  In fact, some days he is extra chatty and asks endless questions.  That's totally okay by me :)

"Musbeard" - Mustache and/or beard

"Nake" - snake (still working on the beginning 'S' words!)

"Nack" - snack (see above!)

"gas" - grass

"woof" - roof

feezaor - refrigerator 

"Amma do it?" - Is Emma going to do it too?  (He is her shadow.  If she doesn't do it, neither will he!)

"Ow dey make dees?" - How did they make this (chair, trash can, house, shirt, etc)?

"Uhwen" - oven

"Peesha" - Pediasure

"Owkide" - outside

"It no wok" - It doesn't work

"Nufsing/nusfing" - nothing

"Take ooo" - Thank you

"Yuhsa lee bee" - just a little bit

"Musfin" - Muffin

"Bee bops" - flip flops

"You ahways" - You always say that; you always make me do that

"You newah" - You never let me do that; you never give me a break

"Leap" - sleep

"nebermeye" - nevermind

"Dat tee go and go" - That tree will grow and grow

"nong" - song

"nosh" - fish

"sofsing" - something

"tain" - train

"nuh one" - another one

"bool" -blue

"Owie" - Owen

"lellow" - yellow

"cower" - used for both flower and shower

"Chick kick A" - Chick fil A

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