Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First day of 1st Grade

What "they" say is SO true.  Don't blink because your babies will grow up to be 1st graders WAY too quickly.  Emma had an action packed summer but was ready to get back to her school routine :)  

We initially met her new teacher, Mrs. Meredith, at Meet the Teacher last week.  I'm happy to report that I wasn't near as weepy as last year :)  I was doing SO well.  That is, until we passed the turn for the Kindergarten wing and took the first few steps down the big first hall.  I only had a mini freak out moment.

Mrs. Meredith seems great!

There are nineteen kiddos in her class this year including several from her Kinder class.  She also knows most of the others from VBS and recess last year.  Our social butterfly was over the moon to be reunited with her little friends.  She was especially thrilled that her BFF (Alyssa) is in her class again :)  Emma decided to get bangs for the first grade ("just like Alyssa"...)

Once we arrived in her classroom it was so very quiet that we very well could have heard a pin drop!  She sat down at her desk and ordered me to find her crayons.  She had some important coloring to do :)

 Owen asked if we could stay "just a lee bee (little bit) longer".  He might have stayed all day if I gave him the option :)

She had a huge smile on her face when I picked her up.  The first comment she made was "We don't get to do centers anymore; only lots and lots of work."  She had homework on the first day and will have her first spelling test on Friday.  I think she realizes that first grade is quite a bit more challenging.  This year she will actually receive numerical grades.  Her favorite activity of the day was recess.  She made new friends and caught up with old ones.  We are already so very proud of her!  Our prayer for her is that she pays attention, learns a lot, uses her best behavior, is helpful to her teacher, strives for excellence and continues to share Jesus with her friends.

"You're off to great places
today is your day 
your mountain is waiting 
so get on your way! -Dr Seuss"

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