Sunday, August 18, 2013

Before Owen.....

Before Owen came along.....

I very rarely used stain remover.  Now it seems like I pick up a new bottle of it with each grocery run!

I never cleaned up so many muddy foot prints on the beige carpet!

I never went through shampoo and body wash so quickly!  {If it is anywhere within reach he dumps it to make bath bubbles} :)

I never encountered such foul smelling shoes....and feet.

I hadn't given quite as much thought to how so very many things were made!

I never swept so much dirt off the porch

I never purchased so.much.peanut.butter.

I never stepped on so many tiny legos

I never found chase butterflies so fascinating

I never played toy trains, cars or blocks for so long

I never considered that a young child could remove child proof outlet covers so easily

I never spent so much time worrying over bumps, bruises, scrapes and broken teeth

I never knew the abundant love and friendship that could exist between siblings

I never realized how daring, mischievous and cuddly little boys could be :)

I never paid much attention to airplanes soaring high in the sky

I never mopped so much water off the bathroom floor

I never knew how messy one little face could get

I never knew exactly how adorable a dressed up superhero could be

I never could have guessed how much this mama's boy could totally melt my heart

I hadn't grasped just how much I would LOVE being a boy mom :)

(Photo by Gara Hill with Beyond the Blue Studios)

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord; 
children are a reward from Him....."  
~Psalm 127:3

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