Monday, October 22, 2012

First Report Card and Parent/Teacher Conference

Time flies when you're having fun!  Emma still LOVES Kindergarten and has now completed her first full eight weeks!  She has especially enjoyed learning to jump rope in PE and playing sight word Bingo in class.  This month she looks forward to riding a school bus and going on her very first field trip!  After the first six weeks we attended open house.  Ms. Thornton had her report card folder and goodies arranged on her desk space when we walked in.  We are happy to report that she is satisfactory in all areas.  Next year in 1st grade she will get number grades.  (I must add that I felt like such a grown up signing that report card as a parent!)

Owen made himself right at home!  He loves visiting her classroom and would probably stay all day too if I let him ;)

Emma's favorite classroom job is being the line leader.  She takes her responsibilities very seriously!

She recently  received first place on this creative masterpiece in fine arts class!

The day after report cards were issued I attended her first parent/teacher conference.  Ms. Thornton had wonderful things to say about Emma!  She described her as competitive, dependable, kind, motherly and a leader.  Boy, does she know our girl!!  Emma thrives in a classroom setting and enjoys routine.  Ms. T even mentioned that Emma (respectfully) points out if something is forgotten in the daily grind!  Furthermore, she plays school for hours upon returning home most afternoons!  Throughout the  year Kindergarten students are required to take  the Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI) three times.  This is an assessment tool that provides a comprehensive idea of reading/language arts development.  She took it the first time during her sixth week of school.  Ms. T explained that at this point students are not supposed to pass.  Well, she DID!!  We are so proud of her and it is such a huge relief to receive confirmation that she is where she needs to be.  Way to go Emma!  

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