Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our return to Oklahoma

Jarrod and I share many wonderful memories of our three years spent living in Stillwater, OK. Moving north was a huge step into the unknown, undoubtedly God's perfect way of preparing me for what was to come.  It's where we spent our earliest years of marriage, obtained our first full time jobs, adopted a cute tiny black puppy (Roxie!), became home owners for the first time and discovered we were pregnant with Emma.  We also enjoyed plenty of OSU sporting events, experienced four seasons of weather and made so many lifelong friends.  Oklahoma is also the place where Jarrod discovered his desire to teach/coach and I discovered how easily a career could completely consume one's life.  We bid farewell to everything we knew in Oklahoma and moved back to the Lone star state during the Summer of 2006.  For several years we considered returning for a visit but it just never worked out.  

Finally, this past week we loaded up the car and headed for the Sooner state.  My Trailblazer was very familiar with that 420 mile one way stretch of I35. 

It was incredible to see so many changes and additions throughout that familiar highway route.  Upon our arrival to Stillwater we were flooded with the most nostalgic and bittersweet emotions.  We drove directly to OSU Boone Pickens Stadium for a tour!  Since Jarrod's time working for the Posse athletic fundraising department many of the athletic facilities have undergone massive upgrades.  Some of those changes had begun while we were there but it was so neat to witness the finished product in person.  We were most impressed by the  beautiful stadium, coaches' offices and indoor practice facility still under construction.

Pistol Pete
The first night we created our own progressive eating arrangements for dinner.  We indulged in world famous cheese fries at Eskimo Joes, went to Hideaway Pizza for our main meal and on to Bad Brads BBQ for their unforgettable dessert.  These were just three of our favorite eateries and the kids seemed to enjoy :)

The next morning we treated ourselves to breakfast at Red Rock Bakery (the former Mikels Bakery).  Once upon a time we frequented this place almost every Saturday morning.  They have a wide variety of yummies but I vote the cinnamon roll as one of the best :)  The kids satisfied their tummies with sprinkled doughnuts!

For lunch we traveled an hour north to Ponca City to meet up with one of my former co workers and his wife.  Dewey was one of my wonderful drivers at Enterprise and there is no one in the world quite like him!  Over the past few months he unexpectedly lost a son and daughter-in-law and it was nice to finally be able to give him a hug in person.  Dewey has been great about calling at least once a month since we left Oklahoma to check up on us.  He was so excited to finally meet the kiddos :)

For dinner that evening we met some more old friends at El Vaquero, our favorite Mexican food place.  Matt and I worked together at Enterprise and his wife and I became good friends too.  We were thrilled to finally meet one another's child(ren)!

They were even nice enough to invite us over to their house the next morning for breakfast on our way out of town!  Thanks guys :)

We had a wonderful time walking down memory lane in Oklahoma.  Each place we live leaves special memories in our hearts and this one is definitely one of the best :)

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