Tuesday, July 17, 2012

FCA Enrichment Retreat

Jarrod and I were blessed with the opportunity to attend an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) marriage enrichment retreat this past weekend.  It was held at the beautiful Horseshoe Bay Resort.  It was SO nice to briefly get away from reality to reflect on our marriage.  It was also wonderful to fellowship with others who are in this ministry of coaching and touching the lives of many student athletes.  We stayed up late playing Bunco and even went on a midnight Wendy's run!!

The beautiful view from our hotel room:

We really enjoyed all of the speakers and activities.  Hosts for the retreat were Phil Dawson and his wife, Shannon.  Phil is an American placekicker for the Cleveland Browns and holds the franchise record for the most field goals made.  They have an incredible story and you can get to know them better here.  The main pastor, Paul, was amazing and powerful.  He talked about the toxins we all bring into marriage.  He also presented some very effective marriage investment strategies (spiritual, physical and emotional).  Perhaps the most important relational truths require us to expect problems, accept responsibility for them and bring God into the center.  He also said "If Satan can't make you bad he will make you busy."  The information he presented was simply life changing.  The men and women divided on a couple of different occasions.  The men discussed 3D coaching and how to share the Lord with their athletes while the women learned more about obeying God and how to be better "help mates" for our husbands.  The Tommy Snyder Band  was in attendance all weekend and the worship experience was wonderful!  Be sure to check out their great music!

FCA is a wonderful and effective organization and it is so powerful to know that there are so many Christian men and women coaching the athletes on all levels across the nation.  These coaches may very well be the only father figure and leader some athletes ever know.

Our resort had so many things to do, including a fun miniature golf course.  It had gorgeous birds, lush plants, waterfalls and real grass.  

On the very last evening Jarrod participated in one of the many contests.  Never in my life have I seen such a seriously competitive group of people (a bunch of coaches)!  In this contest he was required to stack and balance four dice on the end a popsicle stick secured in his mouth.  He did an impressive job!!

We were divided into small groups called "huddles".  Ours was comprised of seven couples.  There is no doubt in my mind that God's hand was in it and pieced our group together.  His perfect timing is always outstanding!!  We bonded very quickly and hope to have a reunion (after football season of course)!  We were able to lean on one another, learn from each another and engage in impactful discussions.  We were sad to leave them but look forward to praying one another through the upcoming "seasons" of life :) 

The entire group of retreat attendees:

The Houston (and Huntsville!) area representatives:

"Let me experience Your faithful love in the morning, 
for I trust in You.
Reveal to me the way I should go 
because I long for you." 
~Psalm 143:8

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