Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Almost there (but not quite)!

As I think I've mentioned before, potty training is not my favorite parental responsibility.  It is down right dirty, frustrating and patience testing.  Emma was quite the challenge and I was determined to procrastinate with Owen for as long as possible!

      Frankly, I had plenty of excuses!  At first I decided that he wasn't able to verbally communicate well enough to tell me when he had to "go".  I told myself that it would work better when all four of us were living under the same roof during the week so that his daddy could teach him how to tinkle like a man.  I had all intentions to follow a specific three day method I found.  This method seemed to go about things in the total opposite way I did with Emma, so surely it might work!!  The only problem was that it literally required us to stay home and ignore life altogether for three full days.  This just wasn't an option with big sister's schedule.  Then I told myself we shouldn't start the process during our big move.  Once we got settled in here the kids got sick and of course that just wasn't the best time to start.  We have been in and out of town so much this Summer that I knew the time wasn't right.  Each time I would buy more diapers Jarrod would be right behind me saying "that's the last package we buy"!  If only deciding was that easy!  

I finally decided that now was as good time as any.  My main goal is to have him potty trained by the time he starts MDO at the end of August.  I stocked up on tiny hiney undies and dollar store candy and prizes.  He wears big boy undies during waking hours at home only right now.  He still wears diapers during sleep times and in public.  This morning I actually got brave and decided to let him wear undies while we were away from home for over an hour.  He did SO good!  I was truly impressed.  Upon picking him from the church nursery on Sunday his teacher asked "Does he wear underwear at home"?  I told her that we were working on it and she said that he stayed dry all morning and went potty each time they asked.  Way to go Owen!!

The consistency will come soon enough and practice makes perfect!!  I can't believe how fast this little boy is growing up right before our eyes :)


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