Saturday, August 20, 2011

Twenty Two Months

The most sweet and spunky little guy I know is 22 months old today!  I estimate his weight to be around 27+ lbs.  He will soon grow out of size 4 diapers and has started wearing size 2T pajamas. 

He has finally started sleeping much better at night (praise the Lord)!  He takes one good nap a day normally starting around 10:30 and lasting between 2-3 hours.  He is normally ready to call it a night around 8pm.  He might just have to add a second cat nap on Fridays during football season ;)

He still eats very little and often skips meal altogether.  He still consumes one Pediasure a day and gets Polyvisol drops in his morning milk.  His growth is right on track and his pediatrician continues to reassure me that babies regulate their need to eat much better than adults do!  He still begs for popcorn ("Pa pa") every day and will eat yogurt, apple sauce, french fries and weenies like a champ.  Occasionally he will surprise me by eating something I would have guessed he wouldn't (i.e. broccoli cheese soup). 

Over the past few weeks his imagination and sense of humor have really taken off!  He plays Barbies with his sister and makes the most realistic truck sounds!  When I go in to get him first thing in the morning or after nap time he often flops back down on his tummy and pretends to fall back asleep.  He likes to play hide and seek and laughs hysterically when we pop back into sight!  When he disobeys and I bring up time out he stops what he is doing and puts himself there.  Oh boy!

Owen's motor skills are astounding!  He will spend awhile trying to put something back together (such as the TV remote control shown below) or to determine exactly how something works. 

Owen LOVES the movie Cars.  Somedays he literally wakes up begging to watch it (Caaaaars?  Caaaaars?  while trying to make the TV remote work).  His wonderful daddy bought the original movie one day and Owen has been crazy about it ever since :)  We were reluctant to take him to Cars 2 in the theater but I'm sure we will see it soon! 

His attention span has really increased and he has shown more interest in reading books.   He shouts "book? book?" after bath time and anytime he needs an excuse to get out of bed and stay awake!    His favorite thing to read is an Elmo book called "I Can Do It".  In fact, last night I tried to pick out a different book and he shook his head side to side and brought his fav book to me instead.  As shown below, he loves to point out different items when prompted to do so.  Emma enjoys quizzing him and always praises him when he points to the right thing :)  She says "Owen, that's right!  You are a smart boy!"

When Emma and I sing "Baa baa black sheep" Owen shakes his head up and down at "Yes sir, yes sir".  He then holds his counting fingers up at "three bags full".  He can now identify many parts of his body (head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, belly button, fingers and toes).  He will point but rarely says the words.  He is still a little man of few words and will be evaluated by ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) this week.  Occasionally he totally surprises us with words (i.e. straw  and belly button) but for the most part he isn't communicating as well as he probably should be at this point. 

I can't believe we will be celebrating his second birthday in just a matter of weeks!!

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