Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First gymnastics classes

Yesterday the kids started their first gymnastics classes.  After three years of dance Emma decided that she wanted to give this a try (read: she wanted to do both but at 35 miles away we made her choose).  I knew I wanted to get Owen involved in something and there just so happens to be a "Mom & Me" class offered at the same time as Emma's class.  At first he was a bit rowdy but he finally got the hang of it!  He got to hang on the bars, jump on the trampoline, walk the balance beam, crawl through tunnels and do body rolls down an incline mat.  Did I mention that it's a total body workout for his mama, too?  Phew!

Since Emma's class is at the same time I didn't get to watch her as much as I wanted to.  Every time I glanced across the gym she seemed to be following instructions from her coach very well.  Last night when Jarrod asked how it went she said "It was really hard but I like it!"  She has very muscular legs so we're thinking this could be her thing :)

She was extremely proud of herself for doing the hand stand above :)