Monday, March 21, 2011

Seventeen months

Owen is seventeen months old!  He had a visit to the pedi last week (viral cold) and weighed exactly 23 lbs!  At that visit Dr. G mentioned that he is teething like crazy all over, which may be to blame for serious tantrums all day long.  He has started majorly screaming when he doesn't get his way....and if it goes on for several minutes he even starts stomping his feet!  He certainly has figured out how to get our attention!

He has recently developed a LOVE for basketball.  He makes hand motions for dribble and shoot!  He gets excited and squeals when he sees it on tv.  He attended his first Yoemen basketball and baseball games this past month.  He also enjoys watching football game film with daddy. 

He has started biting and hitting.  As soon as he gets his hands on a toy bat or spatula he likes to hit.  He doesn't bite often, but will sneak one in when it is least expected, especially with his poor mama.  I think he thinks it is our game.  When I say "no bite" he giggles and tries to do it again.  Lovely.  He is still very sneaky and mischevious.  Just look at this:

He still loves being outdoors.  Recently he has discovered how to push the plastic kid picnic bench beside the wooden swing set.  He climbs all the way to the top...very quicky and quietly.  He is still working on depth perception but is doing okay.

He still doesn't sleep through the night.  I'm SO thankful he cannot climb over the crib railing (Emma wasn't much older before she had to transition to a toddler bed).  I don't even want to think about that day.  Fortunately he still takes two naps each day.  He goes down around 10am and often sleeps about an hour and a half.  He also takes a mid afternoon nap but fights it and usually sleeps less than an hour.  He goes to bed around 8pm, wants to be up for good by 6am and wakes up numerous times in between.  Yawn.

Owen still isn't talking much but we know that one day this will change and he won't zip it :)  He says "boof" for please.  He has started shaking his head "no" and grunting for "yes".  To help get dressed  he puts his legs into pants and his feet into shoes.  One day we were preparing to leave the house.  Jarrod told Emma to find her shoes.  Owen immediately made a mad dash for the bathroom and grabbed his shoes which had been left there the evening at bathtime.  He just started giving kisses.  They are open mouth but I will take 'em!   

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