Friday, March 25, 2011

A day at the zoo

Jarrod had the day off so we headed to the Cameron Park Zoo.  What a beautiful day to be outdoors!  Here are my favorite little bugs:


The zoo is very impressive and they seem to add a couple of new exhibits each time we go.  Some of Emma's favorite attractions included the monkeys, bats, giraffes and fish.  She was a litte apprehensive of the lions after we witnessed one let out a tremendous ROARING performance.  (Yikes!)

This was Owen's first time at the zoo and he was such a good boy!  For the first hour or so he just relaxed in the stroller and took it all in.  It wasn't long before he was ready to get out and roam!  We only had to back track for a shoe and he only chunked his snack trap inside the elephant's gate once. 

It is so amazing to watch the animals dwell and interact with one another.  Check out the jaguar perched on the rock behind Emma!

Owen was very interested in this turtle.  He especially loved the reptile area and even did his best to bother the snakes. 

We had an excellent afternoon and hope to visit again soon :)

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