Monday, February 21, 2011

Owen's eye

Just the other day I was thinking how fortunate we have all been to stay so healthy during the Winter season(since O's pneumonia spell  at Tgiving).  Wouldn't ya know....

Owen got a fever late afternoon on Wednesday.  Bless his little heart.  We were all sad to cancel playdates both Thursday and Friday but hated the possibility of sharing germs with our friends :(  By Friday the fever was still lingering and his left eye was swollen.  I knew it wasn't pink eye since it wasn't very pink/red and it didn't see to bother him at all.  It would be completely shut immediately upon waking up from sleep but within a couple of miunutes it would open about half way.  It was rather puffy on the upper and lower lids. 

My instinct told me that it was either allergies or an infection.  Over the weekend I chatted with two nurses who suggested I treat the eye with cool compresses and to watch it.  Of course the eye is a hard thing to diagnose/treat over the phone.  There is no way to quite describe the helpless feeling a parent gets when they don't know how to help their baby :(

Here is what it looked like:

He hasn't slept well at all during the past few days, which is totally understandable.  He sleeps best in our bed.  His concerned big sister even fell asleep with him one night.  You can also see his eye here:

Luckily the Scott & White pedi clinic is open on weekends. We were able to secure an appointment this morning. The doctor examined his ears, throat and nose and quickly diagnosed him with cellulitis, an infection in the surrounding tissues.  Evidently it can be a lot worse, but he prescribed ten days worth of an extra strong dosage of antibiotics. Fortunately this is not contagious, but we did receive lots of funny looks from people at HEB today! The dr seemed to think that it would clear up in just a couple of days. We pray that he is fever free and that his handsome blue eyes get healthy quickly!


  1. So sorry for poor Owen! It seems like viruses/sicknesses are going around everywhere!

  2. Oh my! I just teared up at this. That poor boy! I am so sorry he had this. I hope he is feeling better now.