Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kids clothes on a budget

What does this basket look like to you?

A load of clean clothes?  Think again.  It is full of new stylish clothes for Owen! 

Am I the only mother of young children who gets more excited about shopping for new clothes/shoes for the kids than for myself?  Over the last couple of weeks I have found GREAT deals at stores such as Dillards, Target and the outlet mall.  Who can resist 80%+ off??  I found Owen a cute goldfish swimsuit for just $1.75 and the kids already have their matching Halloween and Christmas pajamas that were purchased for just a couple of dollars each! 

Recently I was invited by a local news station to share some money savings ideas in a daily segment called MomsEveryday.  To view scroll to the very bottom and sift through the video clips until you see "budgeting on one income".  I wanted to share more money saving tips with you all.  I usually shop off season and buy a year in advance.  My advice is never ever to pay full price for kids' clothes.  They outgrow and/or ruin them way too quickly and easily!  It's super easy to predict sizes for little ones.  Owen's 18 month and 2T wardrobe is shaping up nicely, piece by piece!  Another tip is to look for coupons.  Here is one of my favorite coupon resources.  Often you can even combine coupons with clearance items. 

Fellow mamas, what are your tricks and tips?  Please share :)

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  1. i love dillards! i love when i go on a friday and they have the extra 30% off yellow tags up on top of their already reduced prices. i did loose a deal on a coat. i didn't go often enough and now they are all gone :( my problem right now is the amount of clothes that are piled up that don't fit the kids anymore. we don't have a good resale shop here so i guess i'm going to try out the JBF sale for the first time. they will be here in a month.